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«Safety in Ecotourism. Natural, individual, social and economic safety.»

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Год: 2006

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Now, there is time when human can travel almost in any place on the Earth and see fantastic wild nature, beautiful cities and unique monuments of ancient architecture. He can get acquainted both with the highest achievements of mode
culture, and with life of tribes that, even now, live in the Stone Age. People can see material traces of former civilizations and feel their power and greatness.

Today, ecological tourism (ecotourism) plays a significant role in the tourism industry. Ecotourism has no certain definition, but we can tell that it is type of tourism, which is connected with tourist's needs to lea
more about nature and to contribute to saving the ecosystem, everything it includes, with the respect for local people.

Every year, there are more and more people who go on ecotours. However, when organizating such tours, it is very important to think about safety and provide tourists with everything they need to feel secure.

The importance of this course paper is connected with the necessity of generalization of the information on safety in ecotourism, and also with drawing attention to the safety of the mode
society, working out different recommendations for territories, where ecotourism is developing very quickly.

The objects of the research are environment, ecotourists, and also tourist agencies and their willingness and preparedness to provide safety for their clients.

The matters of the research are different factors of risk that can be met in the nature and society and that then can badly influence the health of tourists, their tourist impression, or affect the environment, which is the place, where ecotourism is being developed.

The purpose of the research is to study physiological, psychological, natural, social and economic aspects of safety in ecological tourism.

In order to achieve the purpose of the course work the following assignments were solved:

- the definition of ecotourism was considered;

- factors of risk for ecotourists, environment and local people were considered;

- some measures for preventing unpleasant and annoying situations connected with safety in ecotourism are named.

Works of experts have been served in the area of ecotourism, safety in tourism and economics for writing this course work.

The structure of the work is determined and corresponds to assignments by means of which the purpose of work is realized. The work includes introduction, 2 chapters and conclusion. There are 8 pages of the basic material; the list of literature includes 48 names.
750 руб.

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