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Год: 2017

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Task: read and translate the following text.

England is almost unique in having two different kinds of lawyers, with separate jobs in the legal system. This division of the legal profession is of long standing and each branch has its own characteristic functions as well as a separate gove
ing body. The training and career structures for the two types of lawyers are quite separate.
The traditional picture of the English lawyer is that the solicitor is the general practitioner, confined mainly to the office. If a person has a legal problem he will go to a solicitor and seek his advice in a personal interview. There is no end to variety of matters which can appear on a solicitor’s desk. They deal with all the day-to-day work of preparing legal documents for buying and selling houses, making wills, writing legal letters, they do the legal work involved in conveyancing, probate, divorce. Solicitors work on court cases for their clients outside the court, they prepare a case for barristers to present in the higher courts and the barrister receives it in the form of a brief from which he plans his advocacy in the particular case. In a civil action solicitors have the
right to speak in the lowest Courts when the case is one of divorce, recovering some debts, matrimonial matters, petty crimes.
Law Society1 is a gove
ing body of solicitors. To qualify as a solicitor a young man joins a practicing solicitor as a “clerk” and works for him whilst studying part time for the Law Society exams. When you have passed all the necessary exams, you may apply to the Law Society to be “admitted”, then you can start business on your own. It is not necessary for you to go to university.
In England, the decision is between becoming a barrister or a solicitor. Although solicitors and barristers work together on cases barristers specialize in representing clients in court. A barrister can only be consulted indirectly, through a solicitor. Thus they are not paid directly by clients, but are employed by solicitors. Most barristers are professional advocates but it is a mistake to regard a barrister entirely as an advocate. A barrister must be capable of prosecuting in a criminal case one day, and defending an accused person the next.

850 руб.

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